Who is to Blame for the Misleading Health Scores of Famous Restaurateurs in LA County? - HD Scores

LA County has a health score problem, but thankfully it’s one that may be coming to an end.

Generally speaking, health scores are designed to quickly help patrons identify food hygiene, food safety and other restaurant cleanliness issues pertaining to an establishment they may be thinking about eating with. Right now, a perfect score for a restaurant in LA County is 100. Four points are deducted by inspectors for any major health risks that are found.

Even if the business of a famous restaurateur receives two major health violations (and thus is required to close down until they’re addressed), they would still receive a score of 92 – which is an “A” grade. That “A” grade would be prominently displayed in their window after they re-open, giving diners no indication that the problems existed at all.

Enter: HDScores App

The HDScore app, on the other hand, aims to change this system for the better – offering a much-needed level of clarity and transparency into a situation that LA County’s own health inspectors admit is needlessly murky.

Even if the local health department grants a rating of 90, the HDScores of that business will still reflect any violations within the app itself. So that 90 from LA County officials may translate to a “D” or 60% to 64% rating, leveraging the same information about the same restaurant.

Food holding temperature violations are particularly critical, as food-borne illnesses manifest whenever items are not stored at the proper temperatures. That is just one example of the many, many different essential pieces of information that HDScores wants to make it easier for people to find.

So who is to blame for this situation, the celebrity restaurants that aren’t taking the proper precautions or the health inspectors who have been lackadaisical for far too long? Thanks to HDScores, it doesn’t actually matter. By creating a convenient and effective way to get actionable information into the palm of people’s hands, they’ll now know everything they need to dine out on the town as safely as possible. At that point, they’re free to make their own decision – which is exactly how it should be.