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  Take control and maintain compliance while protecting

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Owning or managing multiple dining locations and sorting through all of your health inspection data can be an overwhelming task. However,  the resulting reports may hold the key to your future. Used correctly, health inspection report data can paint a picture about how well your kitchens perform, how they stack up against each other and how they compare to the competition. This data can also shine a light on areas of need, and help you reduce the risk of a potential disaster.

With more than 3,400 independent public health agencies across the United States tracking the vast combination of rules and regulations can be demanding and time-consuming. The HDInsight Program delivers you detailed monthly updates for all your locations. It is designed by our experts to present this information in one easy to read report sent right into your Inbox.  HDInsight sifts through mounds of health department data and easily connects brands with data they can actually use.

Access Data You Can Use

HDInsight is a health inspection information program that delivers crucial intel into your brand. It’s a valuable tool, designed to provide transparent data to fuel your company into a broader and more successful future of growth.

HDInsight is:

• Fast – HDInsight reports are shared monthly, giving you easy access to what’s going on from one location to another.
• Simple – HDInsight reports crawl through all your locations’ health inspection reports and condense them into a single, easy-to-digest form that won’t give you a headache.
• Actionable – HDInsight reports highlight critical violations and trends, helping you identify and address location-specific or company-wide areas of need.
• Archived – Every new report is archived with HDInsight, offering your brand visibility into how locations improve over time and measure up against each other.

Start Making Sense of All Those Health Inspection Reports

Start turning tedious health inspection reports into a promising plan for your brand’s progress. HDInsight can help you make sense of health inspection reports, and give you the confidence and knowledge you need to improve across all your brand’s locations.

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