Stay informed with HDScores - HD Scores

It’s very easy to assume that when you go eat to out, the food you’re given is prepared properly. However, if this was accurate food poisoning would not happen, and people would not have an allergic reaction every 3 minutes.

So, why is it that we cross our fingers and hope for the best when we eat out? I can honestly say I was the same way, until I noticed what goes on behind doors. We are too trusting when it comes to food preparation and what goes on back in the kitchen. Do you know if your meat is even being held at the right temperatures? Are people washing their hands? Are there rats or roaches? Without doing some diligent digging on the internet quite honestly no one would ever know. Something needed to change so, we decided to change it.

As parents and family members of allergy sufferers we have been inspired to create the HDScores App so not only ourselves can feel safe when eating out, but so can the rest of America.

Did you know? The top 5 most common food-borne illnesses are due to:

  • Improper cooking temperatures of food. Depending on the type of protein each meat should be cooked internally to a certain temperature to ensure bacteria is cooked off.
  • Dirty and/or contaminated utensils and equipment.
  • Poor employee health and hygiene. (Not washing hands/ improper use of gloves!)
  • Food from unsafe sources. Suppliers must be an approved source and have a valid permit. They must be inspected by a federal, state or local enforcement agency.
  • Improper hot/cold holding temperatures of potentially hazardous food (meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, cooked vegetables such as beans, and cooked cereal grains such as rice).

Knowing this information now, food preparation has a lot more that goes into it then making it “look good”. Stay informed with HDScores, and trust where you eat.