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Eating in Restaurants Doubles Your Risk of Getting Sick.

Each Year Food Poisoning Will:

  • Make 48 Millions Americans
  • Send 128,000 to the Hospital
  • Unfortunately another 3,000 die

Search for Eating Establishments Around You Based on Location and Health Score

HDScores Adds and Updates Our Detailed Inspection Data on a Regular Basis from Multiple Jurisdictions.



Search for any restaurant or food- serving establishment within our health inspections scores app. This is including but not limited to; schools, nurseries, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums etc. Next to the name an HDScore will appear automatically with the restaurant’s/establishment’s health department ratings.

This score is a historical based value from 0-100%. The closer to 100% the cleaner that place is. By clicking on your place of choice will create a drop-down list of all previous health inspections scores and their detailed notes by the inspector themselves.


Six important facts about HDScores

Where do you get your data from ?

Our data is provided by public health inspectors and their local health departments. We pull data from their public websites each week and publish new scores that reflect any new inspections.

Do you conduct health inspections?

No, we don’t physically conduct health inspections ourselves, we rely on the health inspectors for that.

What if I own an establishment and have a concern with my score?

Please contact us at

Are the scores based on a national standard?

Yes, a HDScore is calculated the same across the country.

Are you a government agency ?

No, we are a privately held company

Are you independent ?

Yes we are, we fund the company via our subscription model rather than advertisements paid for by restaurant’s

Data from States




HDScores is an Impressive App

Over the past six years, HDScores has built a database that covers 73% of the entire United States. We pull data from 42 states (1,743 counties) that aggregate reports from a jurisdictional database weekly. We have now flagged over 28 million violations by the health department and a total of 10,981,943 inspections. Awareness of these violations can help protect consumers when eating out.

See Why People are using the HDScore App

“As a mom and former police detective, I’m often skeptical of new App’s and their claims. Yet this one really opened my eyes on where we will eat.”


Former Police Detective & Mother

“Yelp is going to start showing what restaurants scored on their health inspections. So if you want to know how your favorite restaurant did—trust me, no you don’t.”

Jimmy Fallon

Late Night TV Show Host

“Earlier this year I ate out and ended up in the hospital due to food poisoning. This app could help myself and others avoid these situations.”


Engineering Student

“First time I used the App, I found out that I needed to find a new pizza place.”


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Marine Corps

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