In the Beginning

HDScores was founded in January 2012 by Matthew Eierman, while consulting with 2 friends (Dave & Jessica) who were taking over and re-opening a restaurant Skipper’s Pier in Deale, MD. Under their ownership they have become an Amazing Restaurant and Dock Bar, with beautiful view of Rockhold Creek. Well worth the drive or trip by boat… I was curious about the previous owners health inspection reports for the location. Even with knowing where to look for a health inspection report it was still a long drawn out process taking almost 2.5 hours.

I saw the need to find publicly available government data put it into an easy to search/read format for our potential clients, consumers and government agencies.

HDScores spent the two year recruiting the right team members, refine our business model and develop the technology to standardize and normalize these vast sets of inspection databases.

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Our Values

The Information is everything… As publicly available data is released we will inform our users. We encourage our clients, consumers and government agencies to use our platforms and systems, giving people near real-time access to health department inspection information wherever they are. In an easy to read, search, and understand format.

Government, Public and Private Organizations have been generating more data than ever before. Our platforms and systems create access to the information that was previously hard to find, search, and understand. As we expand eventually releasing historic inspection data via a Public API.
The data is only provides a value when the integrity is maintained throughout the whole data life cycle. Aggregating, collating, public and private data is a very expensive process and requires lots of investment and plenty of engineering resources to create a rigorous and high-quality set of data streams.

Data Integrity comes down to Data Accuracy, before gaining insight and building a plan of action based on our data, it’s important to know that we can trust this data to make the right decisions. While this might seem like a daunting exercise, we have taken a few fairly achievable steps to do so. Maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the data during our informatics processes.

HDScores is built on data and relationships with that data; from aggregation to visualization to distribution. And the stronger we can build these relationships, the more opportunity we will create for innovation and collaboration. HDScores realized that by releasing this data we can create potential for partnerships with the clients, consumers and government agencies.
HDScores will be the World’s Largest Database of Health Department Inspection Data, making this data actionable for the first time on scale. We see many marketing verticals to integrate into, but are targeting Sales Prospecting and Government Innovation first.

Data is the New Bacon!

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